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YO SOY Cassandra nunez

"You can have passion, anyone can have passion but it's the habits you form; the blood, sweat & tears that flourish you when no one's watching. That's what makes an artist thrive." - Cassandra Nunez 

Upcoming from Orlando, Florida, Cassandra Nunez left behind her doubts and took passion to new heights as she relocated her new life in the city of dreams, her native New York City. Life didn't come easy to her, but from an early age, music did. During the summer of 2016, Cassandra took on her dreams of creating an EP. Challenging herself to create organic content, along with the passion to have her thoughts heard, she began songwriting. Through this process she stumbled upon who she was as an artist and her sound to the world that ultimately traced back to her Caribbean roots; a tropical soulful blend intertwining with our new age. The completion of the EP has been a long anticipated wait for Cassandra and more so now that it is personally connected to her story. Volar, a tropical latin fuse, is the first single to be released and first original work to be put out by Cassandra Nunez. 

Volar is out now on all major platforms. 





Rockwood Music Hall, NYC

11/9 - 8pm